A new information platform

Taking shape in mid 2017, RippleFind promises original and investigative journalism, reportage and opinion, focusing on public health policy, healthcare (devices, pharma, diagnostics), the environment and consumer affairs — there’ll be the odd splash of something different too.

Underpinning the writing is a commitment to the public interest, as well as a passion for life and for human values — hence that something different: from nature, the arts, sport or philosophy. Different, refreshing, but equally meaningful, we hope.

What a ripple finds…

A ripple is what a stone makes in a pond… a diver in the sea… a thinker in the facts… And the facts in the thinker too.

A ripple is also an olden-day tool, a special comb for collecting cereal seeds from their stem — separating the wheat from the chaff, you might say…

The finding is therefore about causes and effects, and the seeds of these